is an archive site for the band I D A H O that officially opened on November 1, 2003 and was created by long time fan (10 years and counting), Brian Carter.

The purpose of this site is to provide a complete archive with every single piece of I D A H O's history as possible for long time fans and newcomers to explore.

This project / site started very simply in July of 2003 as a complete discography and then an e-mail was sent to co-founder, and sole continuing member, Jeff Martin, asking if he would like to contribute any items for inclusion. To great surprise he offered everything he had in his personal archives and sent 22 pounds of materials to Brian to scan and use at will since the official I D A H O website was "never meant to be an archive at all." Items included live, studio and candid photographs, record company (Caroline Records & Buzz Records), management and publicity agent memos, scrapbooks filled with newspaper and magazine clippings with articles and reviews from all over the world, setlists, handwritten four-string tablature, items used for original and alternate artwork for several releases and even receipts for travel expenses and mixing costs.

The majority of all content came from Jeff Martin but several other fans, including Brian, (and a few press photographers) have offered pieces of their collections for inclusion as well as information about live shows and photographs and hopefully there will be more fan contributions.

Former members Dan Seta, John Goldman, Terry Borden, Mark Lewis, Jeff Zimmitti, Doug Smith, co-founder John Berry and former producer Martin Brumbach could all provide even more content to the archive, when possible, to help fill in some blanks and give details of their time with Jeff in I D A H O.

The hope is that all fans of I D A H O can find something of interest or something new to discover and to share with others.